Case studies

Lylla and Laura
Lylla. Fled the war in Afghanistan Laura. Took her on an escalator for the first time
Matt and Asad
Both doctors by profession, mentoring has given Matt and Asad the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with eachother.
Lucy and Waran
Mentoring has given both Lucy and Waran a fresh perspective.
Building Confidence
Vivienne has been helping Fernanda to improve her English and feel confident exploring all that London has to offer.
Charlie and Aziz
Charlie and Aziz were matched in January 2006. Their mentoring partnership is still in its early stages, however they are both already really benefiting from the relationship.
Rediscovering London
Mentoring gave Jane the opportunity to see her city with fresh eyes.
Turning personal beliefs into practical actions
Marcus wanted to take practical action as he felt very strongly about the rights of people who arrive in the UK and attempt to start a new life for themselves. He has mentored Asma from Somlia for six months.
Training towards friendship
Vanessa and Tewodros have become good friends through Time Together. When Vanessa recently entered the London marathon, Tewodros helped her with her training.
Together all the way from Colombia to London
Becky joined the Time Together programme in April 2004 and was matched with Ana, 37, a secretary from Colombia.
For Rachel, mentoring is a life-enhancing venture
Rachel mentors Yvette, a nurse from Congo. They are both very busy people but Time Together is flexible enough for them to find time to meet when they can.
Promotion through mentoring
Eleanor is from London. She got in touch with TimeBank to find a volunteering scheme that was flexible and registered for Time Together. She mentored Walid from Sudan for a year.
Mary has been matched with Teresa, a refugee from Sudan, for one year.
"If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem" is a phrase that guides me often when I feel passionate about the injustices in our society and yet know that alone I am pretty powerless.
David and Mussie
David has been matched with Mussie for one year. He has been helping Mussie to Find a job, but they often meet for a beer or to watch the football.