Case studies

Doreen and Lea

Doreen is over 75 years and used to work as a nurse.  She started mentoring Lea, orginally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, in March 2005. 

Doreen explains: "Having worked for a number of years in the Democratic Republic of Congo and North East Uganda, I wanted to help Africans integrate into our society. It is still very early days but we have established a good rapport; Lea is eager to learn and already tries hard to think in English. We share together our experiences of Africa."

Lea has been in the UK for under a year.  She says “it is like starting a new life” and hopes to become a nurse. Since arriving she has found it difficult to meet new people, make British friends and understand the culture.  She joined Time Together in the hope that it would help her to feel more at home in the UK. 

Doreen has been helping Lea to establish and achieve her employment goals:

"Having studied together the syllabus for nursing studies, Lea realises she needs higher education studies to equip her for entry and three years to wait to begin.  She is studying English, maths and IT at college and is already gaining confidence and learning about everyday life."

So far, mentoring has helped Lea to learn about British customs and how things work.  Having Doreen as a mentor has helped her to focus o­n her goals for the future and improve her confidence; above all, it has given her a good friend.

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