Case studies

Nick and Hassan

Nick is 29 and lives in Wigan. He explains:

"I was nervous the first time I met Hassan because I wasn’t really sure if we would have much to talk about. But I really shouldn’t have worried, we talk about everything from football to politics and I am really happy that he says I have helped him.

"I think there is a volunteering opportunity for everyone and this has certainly been the right choice for me. First of all it is fun, it isn’t work. You are making friends and learning at the same time as contributing to your community by  helping to integrate new people into it.

"Hassan says that he is feeling more confident communicating with English people and I am proud that I have played a part in helping him to feel this way. Now we hope to build o­n this good start and get Hassan requalified by enrolling him on a course this winter.”

Hassan has really benefitted from mentoring.  He explains,  “Nick is helping me with my English and introducing me to his culture. I am also telling him about my culture. We are working together to help me with education (a mechanics course) and work.”

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