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For Rachel, mentoring is a life-enhancing venture

Rachel, 27, and Yvette, 28, first met in November 2004. Yvette is originally from Congo and is a fully qualified nurse. 

During their Time Together, Rachel and Yvette have met to enjoy some of London’s cultural offerings, such as visiting the Victoria and Albert Museum, Borough Market and the Tate Modern. It has also given Rachel a great opportunity to revisit London’s cultural sights and to experience new places, which she would not have done without Yvette.

For Rachel, mentoring has never been a 'duty' but a life-enhancing venture. It has given her a friend who has much wisdom and integrity:

“Yvette is a really strong and independent woman and I almost feel as though I've learnt more from her than she has from me. Our meetings have often involved discussions about other aspects of our lives, such as work and family and I try to offer support or provide information where I can.”

Yvette has now been in the UK for well over a year and is hoping to start work as a nurse very soon.

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