Case studies

Charlie and Aziz

Aziz says:

ďI was introduced to the Time Together Project by the Chairman of the charity where I volunteer.

In the first meeting with Sophie, the Time Together Co-ordinator, I became interested in joining the scheme. She was extremely kind and friendly and o­nce I had attended Time Together training she helped me to choose the right mentor.  We decided to pick Charlie, a Senior Marketing Manager. I knew this was a perfect opportunity.

Charlie and I have met several times now, and we have set a number of objectives, aims and goals. She helped me through my job hunting, CV preparation and interview skills. I have just got my first professional job in the UK.

She is also kindly introducing me to English culture and having her beside me has really helped to improve my  confidence. I am looking forward to discovering social activities in the UK and more.

I would like to thank Evelyn Oldfield Unitís staff, Charlie and all the other people who are contributing to this project.Ē

Charlie says:

ďMentoring is something that has interested me for a couple of years. I think the initial catalyst for joining the project was reading a book about a refugee coming to London from Afghanistan. Iíve lived most of my life in London, and wanted to show people what a great city it is. So when I heard about the Time Together scheme, I knew this was a perfect opportunity.

Aziz and I have met several times now, and we have set a number of objectives, mainly around the integration aims of Time Together. Aziz has just accepted an offer for his first professional job in the UK, so the initial meetings focused o­n interview skills and CV presentation.

My background is in marketing for corporate companies and Iíve managed teams of people in the past, as well as recruited people, so I was able to share some of my experience with him and give him advice. I hope that I will still be a useful source of advice and information for him as he settles into his new job and company.

Over the next few months, Aziz and I are going to concentrate o­n the more social elements of integration, and the differences in our cultures. We are also hoping to explore new areas of London that Aziz might be interested in getting to know. Aziz's English is already of a very high standard, but together weíre working o­n the nuances of the English language, slang and other expressions, that a person with English as a second language might need help with.

From a personal point of view, Iíve already gained a huge amount from our relationship. Aziz has made me fully realise the difficulties that face refugees when they arrive in the UK, and I have a great deal of respect for him. I have gained enormous satisfaction seeing Aziz get his job and grow in confidence. Iím really looking forward to the next few months.Ē

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