Case studies

Building Confidence

The pair spent their first few meetings getting to know each other a little and discussing what Fernanda wanted to get out of the project. The first goal that they have decided to work towards together is to improve Fernandaís level of English, with the ultimate aim of helping her to get a job.  Fernanda wants to work either in retail or in care work, both of which are areas she has gained experience of in her home country of Angola.

Fernanda is already attending English classes four days a week, but she needs more help with her speaking and writing, as she feels she isnít improving fast enough. They have decided that Fernanda will write a few sentences about what she has been doing before every meeting with Vivienne, so they can correct any mistakes together.

Fernanda has not been able to explore London since she arrived, and has been feeling bored and frustrated.  As Fernanda lives in North London and Vivienne in the South, they have been meeting up centrally, which has been a good excuse for Fernanda to explore beyond her local area. They have been to the cafť in the crypt at St Martinís in the Fields, to the National Gallery and have plans to explore other famous places and parks, so that Fernanda can start to enjoy living in London more. They have been looking at how to use an A-Z, so that Fernanda feels confident to go out and explore London by herself.

The Time Together team has also found Fernanda a volunteering position working in a charity shop and Vivienne is encouraging her to give it a go, to help her to further improve her English and gain valuable work experience.

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