Case studies

Lucy and Waran

Lucy says,

"Like most professionals in London, I lead a busy life, and usually race from work to gym to house to friends. Waran helped me get out of the hamster wheel and start seeing London with fresh eyes, it was a delight to walk by the Thames, see some of the world's finest galleries and of course be part of the life of an extraordinary young man who had overcome huge challenges just to be in London.
Waran fled from northern Iraq after the start of the war, and as a journalist he thought he would be a target if Saddam managed to cling o­n to power. Now, with the aftermath of the war, it is still unsafe for him to return to his homeland.
Spending time with Waran enabled me to get off the hamster wheel, and appreciate life more. I saw my own little niggles with work or personal issues as completely insignificant when I compared Waran’s life to my own.
Being a mentor isn't just a worthy good deed for the month, it's addictive - you get a buzz from spending time with a really interesting, funny person with great stories and an ability to boom with laughter! It's something that everyone who thinks they're too busy should try!"

Waran says,

"It was autumn when I met Lucy a year ago. It was a very difficult period of my life. My father had just passed away and I was finding it difficult to get used to living in the UK. I had problems adapting to the culture, studying and everyday life.
I would say Lucy changed all these things and opened a new window. From her, I learnt about London and its history. She encouraged me to study, corrected my essays and gave me the confidence to apply for an MA which was o­ne of my biggest dreams!
Above all, Lucy is a true friend who helps me with my problems and who is always there when I need her.
I want to thank Time Together for providing me with the chance to experience life more fully in the UK and for the support they have offered me throughout my time o­n the project.”

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