Case studies

Sarah and Khalid

Having read much about refugees o­n a political level, Sarah wanted to join Time Together in order to understand the issues o­n a more personal level.  Mentoring Khalid has enabled her to learn about how and why people become refugees and also find out what it feels like to be a refugee living in the UK. 

Sarah has also learnt a lot about Khalid’s home country, Iraq. Sarah says, “speaking to Khalid has made it more real when I’m watching the news and reading about his country. I have great respect for Khalid and the people from his country.”

Khalid, 27, is from Iraq and currently works in a factory in Plymouth. He joined the scheme as he felt that it would be a good opportunity to meet and get to know more people, both those in the same situation as him and also British people. The relationship has also enabled Khalid to improve his English skills: “I’ve had a lot of help with my English from Sarah and enjoy meeting with her.”

When he first arrived here, Khalid was unsure about the way things worked in England, but now, with the help of his mentor, he understands more and feels more integrated into society.  Since joining the Time Together scheme, he has passed his driving theory test and is aiming for his practical test. He wants to continue to improve his English reading and writing skills and would like to get a qualification in engineering.

Khalid says that he has never seen anything positive about refugees in the press.  He feels that this is not fully representative of the situation as many refugees, like Khalid, who has been living in the UK for three years, have a job and want to contribute positively to British society.

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