Case study

Kathy and Magid

Kathy, 32, thought getting involved in the scheme would be really rewarding and enable her to learn more about different cultures.

Her mentee, Magid, is originally from Kurdistan, Iraq.  Whilst it is still early days in their relationship, Kathy is really enjoying the time she spends with Magid:

Ive learnt a lot about his culture by listening to him talk about his friends and family. We have identified his needs, the main o­ne is to improve his English, so we have lengthy conversations to try and achieve this. 

Magid has been in the UK for three years and works in a factory in Plymouth.  For Magid, the Time Together mentoring scheme was a chance to meet up with British people, practise his English and learn more about  British culture: 

I found it difficult speaking English, and didnt understand the system, where anything was or the British culture.  I found when I first arrived everything was different but, with the help of friends and Time Together, I have found it easier to integrate.

Mentoring has shown Kathy that refugees and asylum seekers are normal human beings like herself.  Before she became involved in the mentoring scheme she was very fearful of refugees and asylum seekers, largely because of the way they are portrayed in the media.  Her main objective was to overcome that fear. 

Kathy hopes that after the mentoring scheme finishes the two of them will remain friends and keep in touch.  Magid is very happy and enjoys living in the UK, he says:

It was very nice to feel safe, the UK is a wonderful country.  My big dream is to get a job helping other refugees.