Case study

Harry and Larry.

Larry explains:

‘Since being matched with my mentor, Harry, I have made significant progress towards achieving my goals. With my mentor's help, I have been able to access information about social work registration which I did not have before. My mentor and I have been able to sit down together and strategise o­n a course of action to utilise the information that we have obtained from various sources.

Currently I am working o­n my registration form with the Scottish Social Services Council. I am doing this with the help of the Scottish Refugee Council. I have also started o­n my UCAS application in case I am required to undergo further studies prior to registration.
I have started training with the Citizens Advice Bureau to become a volunteer advisor. This training has helped me to understand a lot of issues that I had no knowledge of previously. My mentor has also put me in contact with people who have offered me very valuable advice about how the UK employment system works. I have since sent out copies of my CV to different employers and I have been receiving some very encouraging responses. I have been invited to attend at least o­ne job interview and I am excited about it.

Spending time together with my mentor has given me more confidence to deal with day-to-day issues. It has helped me to link together the input from different organisations to achieve my personal goals. Even when I cannot physically meet my mentor, I can still communicate with him either o­n the phone or by e-mail.  I sincerely feel that the time that I have spent with my mentor has been a worthwhile investment and very rewarding.’