Mentors are given full training prior to being matched and then spend about 5 hours a month with their mentee, helping them to feel more at home in the UK. This might mean helping to write a CV, visiting a museum or art gallery, practising English or explaining the peculiarities of British humour.

‘The types of thing we do together have ranged from discussing current affairs so my mentee can practise and improve his English, to having a bite to eat in a traditional Congolese restaurant’ a mentor on the Time Together scheme.

Time Together was established in Glasgow in January 2003. The Co-ordinator, Afshan Saleem, is based at the Glasgow Volunteer Centre.

The project has made a big impact in the community and people from all walks of life have volunteered to become mentors. Mentors have a variety of life experiences and skills to share. Some come from professional backgrounds, others are students and some are housewives.

Afshan Saleem, the Glasgow Co-ordinator, says: ‘Mentors have gained a great deal from Time Together and enjoy learning about a new culture.’

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