Mentors are given full training prior to being matched and then spend about 5 hours a month with their mentee, helping them to feel more at home in the UK. This might mean helping to write a CV, visiting a museum or art gallery, practising English or explaining the peculiarities of British humour.

‘The types of thing we do together have ranged from discussing current affairs so my mentee can practise and improve his English, to having a bite to eat in a traditional Congolese restaurant’ a mentor on the Time Together scheme.

Time Together came to Cardiff in April 2006.  It is delivered in partnership with SOVA, a national volunteer mentoring organisation that works to strengthen communities by involving local volunteers in promoting social inclusion.

Cardiff is a vibrant city with a thriving cultural scene. Refugees are an important part of the community; they come from many different cultures and have many skills and talents to contribute.

Time Together provides a fantastic opportunity for you to meet new people, learn about different cultures and make a real difference to someone’s life - so get involved today!

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