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Power in Partnership

Time Together celebrated its 5th anniversary at an event on 24 July 2007, with guest speakers including Phil Hope, Minister for the Third Sector, and Polly Toynbee, social commentator and former mentor. The event saw the launch of the Power in Partnership report, with a foreword by Gordon Brown.

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Everyday Heroes

Time Together mentor and mentee featured in Gordon Brown's book Britain's Everyday Heroes: The Making of the Good Society, written with Community Links. Click here for more information

Changing Lives

Independent research concludes that mentoring is highly successful in helping refugees integrate in the UK. The report, focusing on the real-life experiences of mentors and mentees themselves, is now available to download.

Media Coverage

Time Together promotes positive images of refugees in the media. The media coverage generated has an equivalent editorial value of over 2.5 million and has reached 57 million people. Below are some recent examples of positive stories in national and local media.

The Times - Asad and his mentor Matt, told the national paper how taking part in Time Together enabled Asad to start practicing as a doctor again - 27th September 2007 read article...

The Big Issue - the magazine ran a feature on the project, encouraging more people to volunteer as mentors - 24th September 2007

Woman - this high selling woman's weekly magazine featured a Time Together coordinator's hopes for Gordon Brown's premiership - 30th July

Liverpool Echo - comedian Alexei Sayle backs the project in his home city - 5th September 2007 read article...

The Sheffield Star - the city's paper featured mentor Anderson with his Congolese mentee Alphonse - 17th October 2007 read article...

BBC Radio Leicester - local coordinator joined Georges and his mentor Celia for an interview on the local radio station - 12th September 2007

BBC TV North - the regional TV news programme asked local residents about their views on refugees and featured Negin with her mentor Fiona - 20th June 2007

Press releases
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Case studies

TimeTogether has a range of case studies from around the UK. Click below to see a few examples.

Paul and Othman
Othman had a successful music career in Sudan. He worked with his mentor Paul, an artist, to establish his Sudanese dance group and hopes one day to make a living through his music again.
Lylla and Laura
Lylla, 26 and Laura, 28, explored London together. Lylla found that her confidence increased and she is now happy to travel around the city on her own.
Matt and Asad
Both doctors by profession, mentoring has given Matt and Asad the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with eachother.
Harry and Larry.
Mentoring has helped Larry, a refugee from Zimbabwe, to make real progress towards achieving his career aspirations.
Charlotte and Fayegh
Charlotte, a teacher from Brighton, was matched with Fayegh, a refugee from Iran.
Marcus and Asma
Marcus wanted to take practical action as he felt very strongly about the rights of people who arrive in the UK and attempt to start a new life. Asma found that through being mentored by Marcus her English improved and she understood more about UK culture
Sheila and Sadia
Sheila is 23 years old and lives in Glasgow. Sheila mentored Sadia, also 23 and from Somalia.
Kathy and Magid
Kathy has two young children so finds it too difficult to travel abroad. However, through mentoring Magid she has been able to learn about cultures and other countries without leaving the UK.
Susan and Karl
Karl is from the Democratic Republic of Congo and has been living in the UK for nearly a year. He came to the UK to be reunited with his family.

Time Together Films

Power in Partnership

A short film about four mentoring pairs from across the UK

A story of four refugees

A short film about four refugees in Bristol and their experiences