Go For Silicone Bakeware

There are generally lots of benefits when it comes to silicone bakeware and that is why they are highly recommended by even the most expert chefs around the world. This type of cookware is not only suggested for home use but also in business. If you’ve got a restaurant which delivers cakes and pastries to its customers and if you want to experience cooking with the utmost breeze then you should go for silicone cooking utensils.
Some people recommend the use of silicone cooking utensils like spatula, pancake ring round, turner and baking mats because of the fact that they can really help out a person cook better and even faster. Although it might be true that more heat is needed when you’re using silicone products, they are highly practical because they act as an insulator and something that can be completely safe to use. They are used mainly in baking because they can give bakers the benefit of having something that is easy to use, clean and store.

One of the benefits of using silicone spatula is that you have something that doesn’t end up to be sticky after use. That’s because silicone is mainly a non-stick kind of product. It’s perfect for cooking foods that use heavy oil. With them, you don’t have to deal with any difficulty when it comes to cleaning because the oil that is on the silicone product can be easily rubbed off with just a few strokes. They are dishwasher safe and don’t melt like the way plastic does under extreme hot temperature.
Another thing that is advantageous with silicone products like the silicone baking mat is that it easily cools off after extreme heat has been applied to it. It’s best for baking since metal or aluminum trays can be very hot. Also metal tends to cool down slower compared to silicone or plastic. With a silicone baking mat, you would be able to cook or bake as you would normally without altering the temperature of your oven from time to time just to get the perfect flavor that you want. It’s designed to be used in baking without giving people so much trouble. In fact, silicone does not rust and it therefore beats metal in this sense.
Since it doesn’t rust and it’s generally non-stick, cleaning it up is completely easy. All that a person needs to do is to wash it with water and soap and have it dried up for next use. It’s also easy to store since it is light in weight and it doesn’t occupy much space. This is one of the main reasons why people nowadays are going for silicone cooking utensils. They can be brought almost anywhere and used almost immediately. In fact, they can be placed inside a refrigerator. They can even be stored inside the freezer and they still won’t break.
They do not contain any toxic materials that can are normally found in parchment paper and metallic utensils and that is why cooks nowadays choose silicone. If you don’t know where to get silicone baking mats, turners and spatulas, search for them online.

Get Rimless Silhouette Eyeglasses

Are you going for a minimalist look? Do you want to look stylish with a simple yet elegant eyewear? If this is what you’re going for then you could try to get rimless Silhouette eyeglasses. That’s because the brand called Silhouette has a wide variety of the most artistically made rimless eyewear that are available in the most popular stores right now.
Why go for something without rims, you ask? That’s because it can be advantageous when you go for a rimless eyewear. Have a close look at one of the rimless glasses that are sold today and see that the eyewear lenses are actually connected together with the use of a bridge and even the temples are attached directly onto the prescription lenses. With this, you’re sure to have an eyewear that doesn’t depend entirely on a frame to have lenses secured in place. Moreover, they are light when it comes to weight and they don’t have lots of lavish designs on them.

This type of eyeglass is also highly recommended for those who are going for a simple, sophisticated look. Specifically, this eyewear is suggested for those who have a minimalist fashion sense. Basically, upfront, they’ve got the least amount of color and the shades of colors can be found mostly on the temples. Adjusting can be easy with this type of eyewear because most models have a malleable structure.
To pick out the perfect rimless Silhouette eyewear for yourself, you should consider your eyebrows, the color of your eyebrows, the color of your eyes, the shape of your face and your overall fashion style. Today, if you visit the company’s official website, you could make use of the online tool that they have for customers who need help in choosing the right eyeglasses for themselves. You could try to use this if you need to find out which glasses would suit you best.

Wear Designer Eyewear Today

If wearing branded clothes and fashionable accessories aren’t enough in making you look sophisticated and presentable during prestigious events and large gatherings, you should wear some designer eyewear like cool Kate Spade eyeglasses. Why? That’s because designer eyeglasses can enhance the way you look and possibly let you become recognized. Wearing luxurious eyewear won’t only give you the benefit of putting something on that is great for improving how your face looks but it would also give you an opportunity to wear glasses that are helpful and durable at the same time.

Basically, designer eyeglasses like the ones that are made by the Kate Spade Company are made from the finest plastic and metal materials that are designed to let wearers all around the world have something for better vision that are worth it. With fashion eyeglasses, you would also get to put on an eyewear that is in with today’s fashion. Take note that not all glasses are perfect for people to wear. With designer ones, however, experts say that you’re sure to wear the best.
Before you pick out a set of eyewear, however, you should consider some things. Aside from wearing designer beauty eyewear, you should consider models that are specifically designed for the shape of your head. It is highly recommended that you should choose an eyewear that fits your overall face. If you’ve got a round face, go for something that has square or rectangular frames in order to create an illusion that is helpful for making you look better. The same goes for those who have square-shaped faces. For them, round glasses are suggested. Of course, it’s also wise to choose the type of designer eyewear frame. If you live an active lifestyle, it is recommended that you go for those eyeglass frames that are made of metal.

Wear Original Prada Eyeglasses

Prada eyeglasses are in with today’s fashion world and that is why they are recommended to women who want to not only look good but feel great as well. These glasses are considered to be some of today’s best. If you’re planning to wear something that is branded then you should go ahead and purchase a Prada eye frame from your local and trusted eyeglass retail store today.
In making sure that you’re going to get something authentic, you should only buy from a trusted store. There are lots of shops that sell counterfeit items or imitations. For you to avoid this, purchase from a shop that has a trust seal or some certifications of proof. Likewise, when you go for original frames, it would be possible for you to have an eyewear that is durable and long-lasting at the same time.
Prada eyewear is perfect for those who want to have graded lenses and for those who are interested in wearing sunglasses. The frames of this brand are perfect for all kinds of occasions. In general, however, you should only get eyeglass models that can fit your face and your lifestyle. You should be aware about the differences between plastic and metal frames for you to get something that can truly give you benefits.

For those who want to wear something that is simple and light in weight, there are models that are on display today like the PR 54 PV which is rimless and has plastic temples. When you go for a rimless eyewear, it would be possible for you to wear an eyeglass that can give you a sophisticated, formal look. This is also perfect for those who want to have an enhanced, beautiful look.
Right now, with models like the PR 09PV, you can have a retro look. This one is perfect when you’re wearing dark colored, fitting clothes.

Buy Baby Items Early

If you’re a woman who will be delivering her baby soon or if you’re a husband who wants to at least assist his wife in taking care of their baby after she’s given birth, you should get some baby stuff in advance. Why? Taking care of a child takes patience, time, effort and, of course, money. Before a child arrives in this world, it’s best to have some stuff ready for him or her. It can be expensive to spend during and after a woman’s childbirth. Besides, getting baby supplies ahead of time would really let you save a great deal of time and resources as well. For some of the most important things that you should buy a baby, read on or visit sites like Baby Prepared.

Basically, a baby’s mode of communication—being an infant and all—is crying. Since you can’t be there to attend to your baby’s needs all of the time, you could at least have a monitoring device placed somewhere near your baby or installed inside your infant’s room. No matter what condition your baby is in, when you have this type of device, you would be able to listen to your baby call you from anywhere inside of your house—or even when you’re at work. Right now, there are baby monitors that can access the internet. You can have a video or audio monitor for your newborn child, for his or her safety and care needs. Buy this one in before a baby has been delivered into this world so that you could ensure your baby’s security.
Of course, one of the most important baby items that you should have inside of your home when you have a baby is bottles for breastfeeding. Not only does this give parent’s something which can be used to nourish a child but it also lets mothers have some rest from breastfeeding.

The Christmas That Matters

Just a few more days and Christmas is here. You see the excitement in everyone’s face. You hear the Christmas bells ringing from the swinging of the doors of your neighbors, the malls and your own. You see Christmas lights in every house, the street goes bright at night with them and the spirit of Christmas touches your heart as you stroll along the road filled with snowmans and every Christmas decoration there is. A big Christmas tree in a single store alone can sweep you off your feet and give you the Christmasy feeling.

And when you pass by the stores, gift ideas are very eye-catching that it is unavoidable to resist the urge to walk into the store and satisfy your curiosity.

Giving has always been a big part of the Christmas spirit. Charitable organizations gather at this time of the year for some charity works. Companies give incentives in cash and in kind to its employees. Neighbors come with food to visit you in your home. And families and friends send you Christmas presents through box of packages from abroad. But the most important gifts are the ones given by the people who matter the most to you and who, in equal, value you in the same way that you value them.

Finding gifts for the people you care about can be hard. If you try to be more observant than you think you are, you will find that there are default all-year-round presents you can give as gifts. A regular picture frame is an example; or if the person to whom you are giving the gift lives in a kind of techy environment, you can try wrapping the best digital picture frame instead.

And when the eve of Christmas comes, the only thing that matters is the joy of spending it with your family—with or without decorations; with or without gifts.

Buy Organic Items For Infants

If you’re going to buy your kid some pillows and if you’re going to let him or her sleep on some mattress, it’s best that you get something which is purely organic. For your baby’s safety and for you not to have the trouble of having to take your baby to a hospital, you should buy safe materials like the ones that are truly organic. Why is organic safe, you ask? Basically, with natural products, you would let your child use materials that are non-allergenic and something that doesn’t have toxic chemical components. It is important to go for something that is completely safe to use because your baby’s life is important. Since infant children sleep for over twelve hours a day, it is best that you buy something which would let them sleep, play and eat comfortably with the utmost safety. Purchasing organic pillows and mattresses for your child means that you’re getting your child the best.

Some pillows that are made with synthetic materials have already poisoned children worldwide. Although they are durable and are considerably practical to purchase, most non-organic cribs and mattresses are made of poisonous materials that can be dangerous for your child. If you let your child use synthetically made materials, you’re putting your child at risk of developing health diseases and mental problems. It’s been clinically proven that non-organic and chemically-made and protected bed sheets, pillows, cribs and mattresses have generally done babies harm in the past. You have to understand the fact that your child needs protection—especially if he or she is an infact—because he or she still needs to grow and his or her immune system isn’t fully functional and well-developed yet. If you want to prevent diseases from ever occurring to your child then you should go for the best organic toddler pillow or anything natural which can be used for sleeping well.

Wear Bands With Benefits

If you’re going to wear exercise bands or wristbands for fashion, it is best that you should choose a fashion accessory which would not only add to your good looks but would also give you health benefits. It seems hard to believe that there are available fashion accessories which are capable of giving a person health advantages, but it’s true. If you search the web for decorative healthy accessories, you would be directed to some sites which have some wearable minerals on display. Some health experts and real doctors have proven and mentioned the fact that wearing health minerals would let a wearer experience benefits in health like being able to sleep better, having better blood circulation, and easy relaxation. This is said to be highly recommended for those who have insomnia and various health diseases. Wearing health bands can help in a non-invasive way and it’s the reason why it’s suggested by health enthusiasts.

Most health wristbands contain ions and minerals that have been found to be therapeutic in treating minor diseases and boosting a person’s overall health. In fact, some athletes make use of this in order to have an advantage over their competition. With this ring, a person would not only be able to improve his or her performance but it would also be possible for him or her to instantly relax in times of stress without putting a lot of effort.

Unlike rubberized wristbands, magnetic and ionic bands aren’t only attractive when it comes to design but they’re also practical to use. They give a person the benefit of having something which is attractive and advantageous at the same time.

If you’re going to buy a health wristband, it’s best that you purchase from a company which has already delivered thousands of working and authentic health, fashion accessories. In buying a power bands, you should buy from a certified site which has a secure payment web page.

What Is A Dual Sim Phone And Its Types

A Dual SIM mobile phone is a phone that controls two SIM cards. A Dual SIM phone provides you the capability to switch among two accounts and hold onto billing discrete. By means of numerous SIM cards, it lets the user to take advantage of dissimilar appraising plans for calls and text messages to definite destinations over and above mobile data usage.

  • Dual SIM Stand-by

On this type, when a call is recognized on one SIM card, another is no longer active. This permits two SIM cards to be on standby waiting for a call. Either callers of the other SIM will receive a message that the phone is switched off or they’ll be directly redirected to voicemail.

  • Dual SIM Active

Dual SIM Active lets the device to be connected to both networks at the same time. The device can switch between two calls without declining either, so while you are on a call you can still receive calls on the other number.

  • Pseudo-Dual

A Pseudo-Dual phone is for suitability of usage of second SIM without both SIMs linked with owner’s mobile service providers.

  • Dual SIM Shift

In Dual SIM Shift, the users may switch to the additional SIM by choosing from the menu. In this type, basic phones which have 2 SIM Card Slots, only one SIM is active and shown on the screen.

  • Dual SIM Dual Call/Dual talk

These phones usually have 2 RFs, 2 SIMs and 2 Modem Stacks. Also known as DSDA (Dual SIM Dual Active), Dual SIM Active or Duos (LG GX500). Both SIMs are capable of receiving calls, once active call on one SIM is recognized, a call can still be received on the other SIM. A user can love to switch between two calls without removing any of them. Dual sim phones typically used by people in China. 

Benefits Of A Mini Fridge


  •  Portability.

A mini fridge can be moved around easily because of its solid size. Convenience is additional essential benefit that many customers will obtain from having a mini fridge. It can be easily transferred from one area of the house to another or even moved effortlessly within your apartment or dorm. A mini fridge is much lighter in weight because of its compact size and can usually be moved easily by a single person. Several types of mini fridge have a 12 volt charger that works abundantly in all types of vehicles, usually taken in a travel.

  • Size is compact.

The greatest benefit that a mini fridge can provide is its compact size. It does not occupy much space and can be placed anywhere. A lot of these mini fridges are suitable enough on top of a kitchen stand or even kept inside a vehicle. Ensure that it has both AC and DC adapter all the same so you will be able to plug it in into the car’s lighter socket. If you only have limited small stuffs to stock, mini fridges are suitable for storing bottles, cans and small containers. Several mini fridges can hold a number of cans of soda with sufficient room for food. This is ideal for a family who likes traveling a lot.

  • Low Cost.

In today’s economy, we really consider the cost of product so much. By means of this mini refrigerator, you fit it only to your constraints and pay only for how much you essentially use. A mini fridge can be strictly cost effective. There are e-store companies who sell mini fridge products and offer free shipping just right next to your doors.

  • Low Power Consumption

Indeed a mini refrigerator generally consumes less power cost and so is exceptionally suitable when you are striving to save on electricity bills.


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Waterproof Cameras For Vacation

Having an underwater camera unlocks a whole world of new photography chances. Whether you want to reservation memories of family vacations, have a noble time in the water with your friends or simply securing a camera that will be safe in rain, a waterproof camera is a worthy purchase.

Waterproof cameras are becoming more popular these days. These compact cameras are sealed, so they can function above or below water. People purchase waterproof digital cameras to take on vacation for scuba diving, cliff jumping or even just to take pictures in the pool.

While using advancement of the electronic digital version around the waterproof camera, it’s simple to capture your child’s very first go swimming, the actual parties in the swimming as well as the adventures in the water park. Various possibilities at times happen while using waterproof camera.

Image Quality
Purchasing of waterproof cameras are normally for the reason of vacations. Because they are used in and out of water, it’s important to make sure that photos will look good no matter where you take them. You will want to make sure there are plenty of settings you can adjust to take high-quality photos. Look for high megapixel resolution, plenty of digital and optical zoom settings and lighting choices.

Waterproof cameras are small and easy to handle like any other digital cameras. They should be lightweight and easy to slip into a bag or pocket. Waterproof cameras tend to be a bit larger than slim compact digital cameras, but they are also shockproof and resistant to dust, water and extreme temperatures.

Rechargeable Battery
Most cameras now come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, which makes traveling with your camera easy. Look for cameras that have a reasonable internal memory just in case you forget to insert a memory card.

Help & Support
It’s not rare for cameras to break or malfunction. Make sure you purchase your camera from a company that has reliable warranties and is easy to contact in case you have questions or require a replacement product.

Massage Chair And Its Benefits

The Inada massage chair was intended to emulate the motions and techniques of an actual masseuse, the goal of the massage chair was to relieve stress, tension, and alleviate back pain. It is done in an ergonomically designed portable chair.

The following are the benefits we can get from a massage chair:

Muscular System. It increases flexibility due to more hydration in the muscles. It also increase blood circulation and nutrients to the muscles. This reduces instances of cramps, spams and overall tension for it efficiently relaxes your muscles. It also helps speed muscle recovery due to fatigue and exertion and reduces soft tissue and muscle pain

Circulatory System

  • Develops circulation with mechanical actions in the soft tissues that dilate the blood vessels
  • Increases red blood cells in your circulatory system
  • Lowers blood pressure and reduces pulse

Nervous System

  • Aids sense of balance in autonomic nervous system
  • Increases the amount of endorphins released
  • Decreases nerve root compression by relieving muscular tension
  • Reduces nerve entrapment
  • Stimulates receptors of the skin and underlying tissue

Skeletal System

  • Increases range of movement in your joints due to increased circulation
  • Increases the retention of harmful chemicals in the bones
  • Reduces joint strains
  • Increases the ease of movement

Respiratory System

  • Normalizes breathing patterns via relaxation and tension relief on the breathing structures (rib cage and respiratory muscles)
  • Percussion and compression massage techniques help relieve congestion in the lungs
  • Increases blood flow to and from the lungs which helps eliminate waste and the absorption of oxygen

Additional Benefits

  • Reduces stress levels along with anxiety and tension
  • Improves posture
  • Helps clear the mind for deep relaxation
  • Improves nutrition in your skin due to the reduction of tension in adjoining tissues
  • Increases overall energy in your body for a more productive day
  • Diverts pain signals in neurons so that they do not reach the brain, ultimately taking away some of your pain

What Is An Acoustic Guitar?

The name acoustic says it all. Acoustic means that it does not use electricity to work. An acoustic guitar is a guitar that does not use electricity to produce the sound of a guitar. An acoustic guitar is made of three main components. These are; Sound box, sound board, and the vibrating strings.

The sound of an acoustic guitar is produced when the player of the guitar plucks the vibrating strings of the guitar. After plucking the air column that is in the sound box vibrates from the sound ripples that came from the air that was around the vibrating string. This causes the sound to emerge from the guitar. The notes of the guitar are achieved from the player moving the other hand on the sound board to make the sound to be of varied intensity.

The acoustic guitar is the same clan as the violin and other string instruments that are available in the world. The evolution of the guitar is seen to be very gradual. This is seen by the coming up of the electric guitar that has been embraced in the whole world. The use of the acoustic guitar is still on, simply because it is easy to use this compared to the electric guitar. This happens because the electric guitar requires electricity to work, and as for the acoustic guitar there is no need of electric connection.

There are different types of best acoustic guitars. They are graded basing on the material that is used to make the vibrating strings of the guitar. The two main types of the guitars are the Nylon/gut stringed guitars and the steel stringed guitars. The nylon stringed guitars are those that the strings are made from nylon material whereas the steel strings are made of steel vibrating strings.

Acoustic guitars are simple but produce good music if handled carefully and played with a person that is good with playing the guitar.

Toys For Your Dogs

Dogs are very social animals that have been staying with the human beings for a very long time in the evolution history. They are regarded as the first animals to be domesticated by man since they were necessary for the consumption of the excess leftovers. Just like human babies like playing with toys, dogs equally have great liking for toys, maybe because they learnt this from man.

Maximum care should be taken when selecting a toy for a specific dog; one needs to know the age of the dog and its size. Of equal importance is the environment in which the dog is, such that one selects a toy that will suit the environment. Toys come in different sizes, shapes and materials.

A dog likes playing with toys, no matter the beauty of the toy, this they do by holding the toy by their mouths, throwing the toy up and down and even pushing it from one side to the other using their paws. With respect to this, a puppy can enjoy playing with a toy which can even be soft provided its soft teeth can not tear the toy. The size of the toy and mass should be manageable to the puppy, which is small and light enough. This is because, a part from holding the toy by the mouth, the puppy would like to jump over the toy, throw the toy away and chase after it and equally bark at the toy.

Mature dogs on the other hand need a toy that is hard enough so that they can not crash it by their strong pre-molars and canines. However, the toy should be light so that they can lift it by their mouth and run with it around the compound, be most commonly a rolling toy or one suspended from a loosely hanging support so that the dog can stretch or even jump up and down trying to reach the toy.

Toys for your dogs need to be in proportion to the age of the dog and size and material factors are great factors of concern.

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Dresses From The 1940s

The early years of 1940s saw a sudden change in the fashions of dresses especially those worn by the young women. This is attributed mainly to the effects of the Second World War which took place between 1939 and 1945. During that time, many men were captured and taken to the warfronts to fight for the various nations hence leaving only women in the homesteads. One of the consequences of this was the sudden decline in the amount of the resources and income in the families due to the unavailability of the strong men who could contribute in the earning of income for the families in question.

Come the 1950s when the war had already abated, the normality was realized and the availability of necessary materials for the textile industries became realizable. This resulted into a lot of improvements in the fashion and design of the clothes. Such tunic and leather jackets became available for both men and women. Through 1960s to the 70s, warm clothing as jackets and baby shoals became available in the market. This is attributed to the peaceful coexistence among most of the world nations that allowed for free bilateral and multilateral trades.

Late 1980s up to the 1990s, concern for the environment and sustainability issues came in. this affected the kinds of clothes in the market. The dresses became more fashionable and durable to cut on exploitation of the natural resources such as the emergence of jeans cloths. In this age of the 21st century, dresses of all kinds are available to suit various environments, occasions and ceremonies and other celebrations.

In conclusion therefore, dresses have undergone a really wide range of development since the 1940s to the present time. A part from the effects of the Second World War, economic crises time and again, other developments has been largely attributed to the technological development.

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China Likes Tableware

Tableware settings vary in every country, Based upon the religion, culture and social background of the residents. In China while dining people are expected to behave in a civilized manner and practice all the dinning etiquettes.

Chinese pay special attention on tableware items. The formal dinner tables are beautifully decorated with centre pieces and table mats. The crockery contains beautiful colors and designs on it. The blue and grey colored porcelain crockery imprinted with dragons and other Chinese architectural images reflects Chinas old heritage and culture. These beautiful Chinese table wares are highly demanded all around the world.

Special tableware settings: For the special occasions Chinese make their table ware look more attractive by putting lanterns lit with candles in the middle of their dinner tables. They also use hand painted pots and cultural figures decorated in Chinese attires. Porcelain crockery commonly used may also be replaced with crystal or glass crockery. Napkins are beautifully tied with ribbons or nicely placed among the soup bowls.

Tableware items: The tableware items include the chop sticks, plates, dishes, bowls, wine glasses, pitcher, Cattle, Chinese rice spoon, Gai Wan ( a special cup of tea that has a lid on the top), tongs and Chinese tea scoop. Chinese use all these table ware utensils during their dinners and tea times. They eat rice with a special Chinese spoon that is wide and small and made of porcelain. Forks are replaced with chop sticks.

China has a strong culture of offering each other for tea at homes or in restaurants. The small and wide open tea cups that may contain a maximum of two sips are commonly exchanged on the clean and well decorated tea tables..

Famous tableware brands: Bone china, noritake and Bambu are the famous table ware brands in China.

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Bras For Full Size Women

A bra, being clothing, is as important to a woman as any other basic need. However, different women have different breast sizes and shapes thus it becomes a bit of concern for them to look for and actually hit on the one that fits their need. Manufacturers on the other hand may be producing and average sized bra which may not be fitting to every woman’s need. Bras for full size women need to keenly chosen in order to fit their comfort needs.

Bras are made by the textile industries in different sizes and shapes usually in the alphabetical order. The letter corresponding to the needs of most full size women is the D size. These have such a large diameter to fit around the breast without causing discomfort or injuries. The length to the tip of the bra should be in proportion to the specific woman’s breast length.

Full size woman should note that when putting on a bra, they should bend in a manner that will allow the breasts to gently fit in the bra cups and take time to fix the back straps gently so that there are no folds between the breast nipple and the cup tip. The breasts should also be moved gently in the bra to the maximum comfort of the lady.

Majority of the full size women have distended breasts that hang down their chest cavity, this makes it difficult to design their best fits. Nonetheless, the modern textile facilities allow for the reshaping of the bras to allow for such conditions. They also need bras having longer straps that are able to fit them without much strain.

In conclusion therefore, large sized women should not see their state as being an abnormality in terms of the bra selection, rather, they should categorically approach the manufacturers who would be able to design such bras as to fit them as well as any other women with guaranteed comfort.

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Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies

Halloween is traditionally a holiday where it is commonplace to celebrate all things weird, frightening and scary. If you have a baby, you already know that from the baby’s perspective, all they need is to be warm, nursed and dry. Babies probably don’t care much about being cute, but they do it so naturally. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of on the already adorable and exquisite nature of these little ones.

Steal stuff from the garage, your kitchen, and the recycling bin to make these way-creative homemade costumes.

Fairy Costume. A green leotard and tulle turn a little girl into a forest fairy. For the skirt, knot lengths of 6-inch-wide netting around waistband elastic, then add blooms at the waist and to the headband.

Skunk Costume. A six-foot marabou feather boa creates this skunk’s stripes, while its head and tail are a soft fake fur. If you can’t find baby-size black pants and shirts, use black tights and a T-shirt instead.

Jester Costume. This cheerful look is easy to whip together. Best of all, after Halloween most of the components can become part of your kid’s regular wardrobe.

Lion Costume. This furry lion costume feels snuggly because it uses a thin, soft type of fleece, available at most fabric stores.

Cake. Costume out of a plastic laundry basket with the bottom cut out, wrapped in fabric and stuffing, with a glittered tp roll on top for a candle.

Dragon. Just cut green sponges into triangles and stitch or glue them down the center of a pilot’s cap. And attach more triangles down the back of a matching bodysuit.

Choo-Choo Train. Use painted boxes trimmed with colored electrical and duct tape for the main part of the train.

Sheep Costume. This cute little lamb costume starts with an oversize sweatshirt — no sewing needed.

Statue of Liberty Costume. Here is a patriotic look that should make any trick-or-treater proud.

Turtle Costume. A favorite animal for Halloween costumes, this slowpoke character is fast to make using throwaway turkey roasting pans from the grocery.

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